Arizona wins wild one

Arizona let up nearly 600 yard of offense, but the Wildcats did enogh to win.

One look at the box score and it is obvious that this was a wild game.

In the end, a wild win feels much better than a wild loss, as Arizona defeated Stanford 43-38.

"The bottom line is that we won," Mike Stoops said. "Each win is special and very hard to come by. Each week, we have to play our very best, I'd rather play bad and win than play well and lose.

"It's not easy to play in a conference like ours. We go up against nine very good teams, and it's not easy to do that week in and week out."

Nick Foles finished with 415 yards and three touchdowns, but no play was bigger than a gutsy call than Sonny Dykes made with nearly three minutes left.

Dykes knew that Stanford was going to blitz and ran a draw play on 3rd and 17. It caught Stanford of guard and resulted in a 57-yard touchdown.

The play almost seemed inevitable considering that Arizona was scoring just as consistently as Stanford late in the game.

"We're obviously excited and proud of tonight's win," Stoops said. "We fought through a very difficult night against a very good team. I think that our offense gained control of the game in the second quarter.

"We had been playing very flat, and that gave us some more momentum. It looks like we are moving into more of a spread offense."

As for the defense, it may have struggled throughout the night, but Trevin Wade mde the big stop at the end to seal the win.

At the end we were able to make a bunch of good stops, and took advantage of them in order to gain control of the score.

"We struggled tonight on defense, and the stops we made were hard to come by. Stanford has a very good run game and they are very good at manipulating plays and changing things up."

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