Keys to Victory

With Arizona set to take on UCLA, here are some keys to victory.

With Arizona set to take on UCLA, here are some keys to victory.

1. Pressure Prince: Kevin Prince is a decent player, but he likely should be splitting snaps right now with Richard Brehaut.

Arizona is likely going to be rocking on Saturday and considering that Prince is a freshman playing on the road, the defense should be aggressive in getting him out of synch.

2. Contain the middle: Chances are good that Norm Chow watched tape of the Stanford game and saw a vulnerable Arizona defense.

The Wildcats should be ready this week, but that does not necessarily mean they will be successful. UCLA is going to attack the middle of the field and if Arizona fails to contain it, we are going to have a similar game to last week.

3. Linebacker play: Arizona's linebackers have been mediocre as of late. The main reason for this is because the opposition is testing them in coverage and they are generally failing.

If Arizona linebackers step up, it is going to make everybody else's job much easier. The secondaryh is not going to have to commit so much and everything should be straightened out defensively.
4. Get a pass rush: Could this be the day Brooks Reed comes back healthy?

Arizona better hope so because the pass rush has been invisible. If the Wildcats can get a pass rush, the difference in the defense will be obvious. If not, it is going to struggle because there is not a defense in the country that can cover receivers for five seconds every play.

5. Take UCLA out of it early: If the Bruins are playing from 14 down, the game becomes easy for Arizona.

UCLA's comfort zone is not passing it all over the field and playing from behind will force the Bruins to do so.

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