Channing Frye, Pt.2

In the second part of Channing Frye's on air interview with "Cat Tracks on the Air" the big man discussed team leadership, chemistry, and the development of freshman Chris Dunn who is taking a red-shirt this season.

Cat Tracks (CT): Jason, Ricky, and Luke have been great leaders for this team. Next year you'll be in that leadership situation as a Junior because there aren't any real Junior starters on this team. But you have a great Sophomore class and next year some of the young players will be looking to you guys for that leadership. Are you learning from those guys that are in that position now?
FRYE: "Definitely, I definitely learn from Luke, Ricky, and Jason. I think that I've been learning from them ever since last year, and I try to pick their brains every time that I get a chance. Not only do I learn stuff from them, but I learn stuff from the young guys too. I learn to always have fun during the game and learn how to have energy during the whole time that I'm out there, and to appreciate the little things. I feel like for this team to be really good not only this year, but next year, we need to feed off of each other. We're going to be with each other for a long time, we're going to go through some hard times and some good times, but I feel we're going to be there for each other."

CT: There is a chemistry about this team that has generated an excitement in the community about this team. You've got the seniors who are 22 maybe 23 years old, and then the freshman who are only 18, but there doesn't seem to be a gap in camaraderie. The guys seem to really like and enjoy hanging around with each other. Is that a true perception?
FRYE: "That definitely is, but at the same time we also understand that people are going to need their own quiet time. The reason that we like each other is because we respect that part of it. Remember we still are in college, and are still college students, so we're going to do college things by ourselves, and have experiences by ourselves. But we understand that when it comes down to it our boys, our teammates are going to be there for us. Plus, we're just around them so much, especially the sophomores and the seniors, because we went to Australia and had that trip. But I think we're just like a big family, a bunch of brothers who always hang around each other."

CT: What can you say about Chris Dunn. How is he progressing, and how is he doing in practices. Is he able to push you?
FRYE: "I put my voucher down on Chris Dunn that he is one of the most amazing players that I've seen, regardless of how skinny he is or slight of build he is. My man is athletic, he works hard, he has a great attitude for the game. He's fun to play with, he gets his hands on all the balls, on all the rebounds. He's like a big long gnat that's in there getting boards. He's just so awesome and I feel like this year has been really good for him because he's learning and he's getting heavier, I think he's put on 20 pounds or something like that, maybe. I just think that he has a world of talent and I've got to say that for the rest of the guys. I think that Chris Rodgers has a world of talent, he works so hard in practice, and I think that's the thing about our team. Whether people play or not, they bring so much to the table."

CT: There are similarities between your build when you got here, and Chris Dunn's build. Have you taken him under your wing, have you shown him how you added that extra weight?
FRYE: "Man, I wasn't that skinny, but I just tell him to get in the weight room, and that it's a lot of fun, and that's a part of his attitude, he just works hard all the time. I don't really have to pressure him to do anything that will make him better. But he's said that he's going to throw a party when he hits 200 pounds, I think he's like 185 now, so we never know when that party might be."

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