Five things to watch for in Red-Blue Game

The Red-Blue game is on Sunday and here are five things to look out for

The Red-Blue game is on Sunday and here are five things to look out for.

1. Freshmen: This should go without saying, but everybody is curious about how the freshmen are going to play.

It may not be a real game, but there should be a decent crowd there and one in which is bigger than what most of the freshmen have played in front of.

It will be interesting to see how each player looks and how they handle the atmosphere.

2. Jamelle Horne: Sean Miller has been very complimentary of Horne's play and this is the first step towards backing it up.

Horne has a chance to be a major player for this team and considering that there has been word of improvement in numerous areas, it will be itneresting to see how Horne does.

3. Sean Miller: How is Miller going to handle his first game?

This may not be an actual game, but Miller is still going to be in the spotlight. Once the game is over, the differences from Arizona and Xavier will be apparent.

It should be intriguing to see how Miller is going to handle what comes out of the game in terms of personnel and general ideas.

4. Kyryl Natyazhko: Kyryl went from a guy that needed a lot of work to on ein which some say will not be on campus in three years.

If Kyryl really is improving at this high of a pace, Arizona is going to be better for it. Sunday is the first chance to show people how much he has improved and will go a long way towards public perception.

5. Point guard spot: If Wise does not play, we may be having a try out for the backup point guard spot.

Kyle Fogg has insinuated that he is the guy for the position and Lamont Jones will get a little bit time as well.

With Judkins wanting time, Sunday is going to tell us a lot about where the UA stands.

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