Kirk Walters dominating Michigan Division II

The South Christian Sailors continue to dominate Michigan Division II basketball. The Sailors are off to an 11-0 start and anchored in the middle by Arizona recruit Kirk Walters, a player many schools missed on before Arizona saw a "diamond in the rough" and lured him to the desert.

Walters is averaging a double-double (points/blocked shots) and has been a huge presence inside, not only because of his 6'11" stature but also because of his remarkable jumping ability.

"I jump better than most guys," Walters said.

Walters not only plays basketball, but high jumps for the South Christian track team. Much like many of the best jumpers in the game, Walters' vertical leap seemed to simply appear naturally. He has never had any real help developing his jumping ability or shot blocking.

"Right after my freshman, maybe sophomore year, something just clicked (with my jump)," Walters said. "I practiced a lot of power moves, jumping off of two feet, and (my leaping ability) just came on, and it's really helped me."

Unlike many players with great jumping ability, Walters' leaping skill comes with remarkable timing. This combination allows him to dominate on the glass, offensively and defensively, while his shot-blocking ability gives the Sailors an awesome defensive presence in the lane.

Opponents must be aware of Walters' presence. If not, they'll soon have their shot sent back at them.

Walters is dominating on the high school level, and hopes to continue that dominance on the next level. To become stronger and develope more stamina, Walters is working to add some much needed muscle to his thin frame. Currently, Walters tips the scales at 215 pounds, but plans on gaining weight once his schedule clears at the end of the season.

"I don't really have a lot of time with the season going on," Walters said. "But when track starts I'm going to shoot a lot and lift as much as possible,"

Walters has already made a great deal of progress as a basketball player but still strives everyday to improve.

"A lot of people tell me that I've improved a lot, but I really don't notice it" Walters said. "It's just little things, like doing different moves that I've sort of blended right into my game. Little things that people have taught me, and fine tuning that has really helped me, and getting stronger from last year."

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