Red-Blue Game thoughts

Arizona had its Red-Blue scrimmage on Sunday and there are plenty of initial reactions.

Arizona had its Red-Blue scrimmage on Sunday and there are plenty of initial reactions.

  • Lamont Jones is going to be a very good player and one in which will get on the nerves of the opposition. Jones has a tendency to dribble a bit too much, but that is something that the coaching staff should be able to fix.

    Still, Jones is going to be able to put up points in bunches, as he showed with his 21 points. As far as how opposing fans will feel about him, Jones has a swagger that is definitely going to be loved by Arizona fans but hated by others.

    In reality, that swagger is something that should be smiled upon. The program has been missing a certain confidence for a while now and it seems that Jones is going to bring it back.

  • Kyryl Natyazhko should start from day one, He finished with 14 points and ten rebounds and is easily the best option Arizona has in the paint.

    No offense to Alex Jacobson, but Natyazhko is already more advanced and obviously has a lot more potential. If Natyazhko can keep improving, he will compete for the best freshman in the conference and it would be a surprise if he is in Tucson for three years.

  • Kyle Fogg is one of the more underrated players in the country. Even though this was just a scrimmage, Fogg is the type of player that is kind of lost on the casual college basketball fan.

    He finished with 13 points, four rebounds, and four assists as he showed nice consistency. Fogg is going to see some time at the point this year and Sunday's effort probably makes people a bit more comfortable with that idea.

    In order to succeed this season, Arizona is going to need a strong effort from Fogg. If Sunday is any indication, that may not be too difficult to come by.

  • Much of the talk around Brendon Lavender will be about the fact that he seems to have improved his shooting. However, his strong shooting on Sunday has more to do with the fact that he was given a good chance to show off his skills.

    Lavender is the type of player that is either hurt or helped by his confidence and a confident Lavender is a successful one. If he can keep his confidence, Lavender is going to be a vital player for the Wildcats.

  • We don't know just how good this team is going to be, but we know that it will be fun to watch. It may have just been a scrimmage, but Sunday's performance gave people optimism for the future.

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