Arizona ready for Cougars

Arizona is set to face Washington State this weekend.

With Washington State coming up this week, Arizona is turning its attention to Saturday's game.

"Washington State presents some challenges like everyone does," Arizona head coach Mike Stoops said. "The first thing you have to do is respect everybody the same and prepare for everyone the same every time you step on the field.

"I think we've done a decent job of that and that obviously shows a lot of maturity in our program."

One of the bigger strengths that WSU has this season has been the play of its freshman quarterback.

I can see a future there with their quarterback (Jeff Tuel), whom really has the ability to be good," said Stoops. "Their ability to spread and throw the ball gives them hope.

"It comes from the right attitude and right work ethic, but you still have to have a quarterback that can make things happen. Their guy is obviously going through some development, but they see that he has great potential."

With that being said, the defense has played poorly, although hard.

"Defensively their numbers aren't what they need to be, but I see a team that plays awfully hard and a team that is trying to do things consistently with their effort every time they step on the field," Stoops said.

"To me they are a Pac-10 team, they haven't had much success, but we know what that's like more than anyone in this conference."

No matter what the numbers are, Stoops and company are not taking the Cougars lightly.

"The opponent won't play into us deciding who to put in or not," said Stoops. "The protection of the players is the big thing.

"Washington State is more than capable of coming in here and winning. Does anyone expect that? Probably not, but this team has some pieces."

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