Easy win for Wildcats

Arizona defeated Washington State 48-7 on Saturday for the easy win.

Travis Cobb saw the kicker, put on the after burners, and cruised into the end zone.

It was that kind of day for Arizona.

Cobb's 95-yard opening kickoff return for a touchdown set the pace for the day, as Arizona defeated Washington State 48-7 at Arizona Stadium.

"It was a lot different than high school," Cobb said. "It was my first touchdown here, so it's really exciting.

"I think it was me and the kicker. I would have been so mad if I would have been tackled by the kicker. I cut to the left and it was a touchdown."

Arizona led 34-0 at the half and it allowed the coaching staff to take a look at players that are going to have much bigger roles next season.

"It was great - I mean if we're playing a team like this and have that big of a lead it's great to see other people get out there," Nick Foles said. "Those guys do a lot of work during the week, and I love to see them get some action."

In fact, one of the players that got more playing time was Matt Scott and fans were given a glimpse of a future offense that the UA could run with him at the helm.

"I have no idea at this point, hopefully I can do more than one play if the coaches see something this game then I can continue to get out there and help the team," he said.

With the win, Arizona continues to control its own destiny.

Oregon's loss to Stanford puts Arizona in perfect position in the conference figuring it continues to win.

With that being said, the players do not focus on that game in and game out.

"There really is no pressure at this point, we really control our own destiny and take it one game at a time," Delashaun Dean said. "We aren't satisfied with the win. If anything, it makes us hungrier."

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