Tedford preparing for Arizona

Cal and head coach Jeff Tedford are preparing for Arizona.

Cal and head coach Jeff Tedford are in the process of preparing for Arizona with the idea that the Wildcat offense is going to be very difficult to stop.

"We have to make some plays on the ball," Tedford said. "I think that's one of the things. I think our guys are competing for the ball but [the opposition is] coming up with them."

A lot of Cal's success on defense will be determined by how much pressure it can put on Nick Foles.

It's, again, defensively as far as throwing the football or [rather] defending the pass, it comes down to pressuring the passer, re-routing receivers, not letting guys run free, and then making plays when you're in position to make plays," Ted ford said. "So it's an accumulation of everything, it's not just one thing."

With that being said, tedford admits putting pressure on Foles is going to be very difficult.

"I don't know that you're [going to get to Wildcats QB Nick Foles]," Tedford said. "You can try to get to him, but they get the ball out so fast, that I don't know. [Even] if they just let a guy run free off the edge, they probably get the ball off.

"So there's a lot of times where they get the ball out very quickly. But that doesn't mean you just abandon the rush. There's going to have to be times that we mix it up and we pressure and we cover. So that's how we're going to have to go into it."

The offense is not the only strong point, however, as Tedford feels the UA is a complete team.

"They have a lot of team speed," he said. "You look at them offensively, they have a lot of team speed offensively. They can run the ball downhill and so they can play the power game with you.

"Defensively, again, they're very quick. Their defensive line can run. They're not overly big but they are very athletic and they can run and make a lot of plays from sideline to sideline. Their backers run, good cover guys in the secondary, good special teams. They're just a very athletic team."

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