Arizona preparing for toughest test of year

Arizona is set to face Oregon on Saturday in a game with major implications

Going into the game against Cal, there was plenty of hope surrounding the Wildcats.

Earlier this week, Mike Stoops met with the media and discussed how some of that hope faded and how Arizona is going to need to play better if the Wildcats are going to contend for the Rose Bowl.

"We are a good football team, we've played awfully well, but you need to play, finish, and execute big plays in the fourth quarter," Stoops said.

"We didn't make that play, and not making that play probably cost us a win Saturday. We're now in a pretty desperate mode."

Stoops now faces the biggest test of the season against an Oregon team that may have the best offense in the country.

"They're all big, but our back is to the wall if we want to stay in this thing," Stoops said of each game. "If we don't our visions of a championship is over. It's going to take a complete effort to win a game like this and I look for our kids to take on this challenge and respond in a positive way.

"Like I said it will be over if we don't win Saturday, but on the flipside we still do control our own destiny."

In fact, the Wildcats are preparing to face an Oregon team that poses a much different challenge and one that will likely be greater.

"When you look at Oregon play, their athleticism, their speed, and their skill really jumps out at you," Stoops said.

"Defensively our discipline is definitely going to be tested across the board on our assignments and our ability to slow them down.

"They cover very well from sideline to sideline and from goal line to goal line. We're going to have to make tackles on these guys, that's something we didn't do Saturday."

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