Know your foe- Arizona State invited the editor of DevilsDigest to answer questions on the state of the team and more. invited the editor of DevilsDigest to answer questions on the state of the team and more.

1. Is there a bright spot at the QB position?

The bright spot for ASU on QB is the transfer from Michigan Steven Threet. Obviously he couldn't play this year due to transfer rules, but there is a strong feeling among the team that it would be hard to unseat him as a starter in 2010. Samson Szakacsy, when healthy, can be a very good signal caller.

But with him not being healed 100% from an elbow surgery that took place two years ago, there will always be a cloud of doubt surrounding him. Brock Osweiler a few weeks ago was a crowd favorite to start, but the more snaps he took on Saturdays the more it was evident that his learning curve is still a steep one, which is obviously natural for a true freshman.

2. What has been the biggest difficulty with scoring points?

Mostly it has been the passing game. It seems as if no QB on the roster could deliver the ball with any consistency, and when the WR's were in position to make a play they would drop the ball or not get separation. The tight ends have been non-existent in the passing game which makes life for opposing defenses that much easier. The running game has been doing fairly well, but again the lack of a consistent passing game hurts them too.

3. How do ASU fans feel about how the rb situation is being handled?

There were some complaints early on as to why Dimitri Nance was still the starter, but it would be hard to argue now that he isn't the best tailback on the roster. All things considered he has had a fine season. Ryan Bass, a fumble prone running back, became a detriment to the team with his attitude so no one was sad to see him dismissed. Looking back, maybe true freshman Cameron Marshall should have received more carries, but he did nonetheless get ample chances overall.

4. What does Dennis Erickson need to do next season in order to be considered successful?

It obvious the Pac-10 leading defense should be left alone, and that the fixes need to come on offense. That side of the ball can stay with it zone read scheme, but needs to have a lot more creativity.

With a possible upgrade at QB and improved depth at WR, that objective can be achieved. RB is another position that on paper should improve, and if the OL can get some JUCO help in this class it can also get a much needed shot in the arm.

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