"Indy" Ebi, a man on a mission

Throughout this season, Ndudi Ebi has sacrificed his personal statistics quite simply to make his high school team better. Winning is his only goal, and he's on a mission to be the best he can be.

The Westbury Christian Wildcats remain an unbeaten 12-0 in district play, with an overall mark of 28-7. A big part the team's success can be attributed to Ebi's selflessness on the basketball court.

"He's playing very well and very strong," Westbury Head Coach Greg Glenn said. "He's sacrificed individual stats to make us better."

Ebi averages more than 23 points and 11 rebounds per game, yet Glenn is not overly impressed with his Ebi's stats. The thing that pleases the coach the most is Ebi's ability to make his teammates better.

"He is a very determined young man," Coach Glenn said. "And he pushes
everybody to improve."

Even Ebi himself pays no heed to his numbers. He simply continues to work hard to improve himself and his teammates. In fact, when asked, Ebi had no idea what his scoring and rebounding averages were. He simply works hard on his game and because of his great work ethic, Ebi could make an immediate impact when he joins the Wildcats next season.

"I think that he'll go through an adjustment period," Coach Glenn said. "But he'll easily make that jump (to college). He's just so talented and determined."

To make the transition to the college level a smooth one, Ebi constantly works on his game. When he's not in the gym, he's in the weight room lifting. In fact, Ebi is so busy that he is nearly impossible to get in touch with. It seems that every moment of Ebi's busy schedule is spent in class, doing homework, in the gym practicing or in the weight room.

"I'm always in the gym," Ebi said. "That's all that I do."

If Ebi can add some muscle to his thin frame, he could be an immediate threat at the power forward position. But because of his ability to put the ball on the floor and score in a number of ways, his coach sees him playing at small forward.

"He's very willing as a team player to play wherever he's needed," Coach Glenn said. "But I see him as fitting more naturally into the three position,"

Ebi also has a low post game that could warrant time at the four spot. He's a prolific rebounder from anywhere on the floor. His great athleticism and timing give him a shot blocking presence for opponents to contend with in the paint.

Coach Glenn seems truly excited for Ebi's arrival at Arizona. Glenn said that he was disappointed that Ebi won't be close enough towhere he could hop in a car and simply drive to see him play. But Glenn is happy that he'll be playing in an elite program. The coach of the Westbury Christian Wildcats also said he was happy because, "although Ebi will be leaving his team, he'll still be a Wildcat."

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