Arizona preparing for USC

Arizona is preparing for USC, as Mike Stoops has a feeling what it will take to win.

As Arizona prepares for USC, one of the biggest challenges will be finding a way to contain the opposing offense.

"USC has really looked like they've settled down and they have played some very inspired defense up late," said Arizona head coach Mike Stoops.

"Offensively they are very efficient. They have their skill at receiver and they have their tight end and their fullback back. That makes them much more versatile in their offense."

While there will not be many surpises on Saturday, SC's success on offense comes down to execution.

"They run a lot of the same stuff they have been running for years: run, run, boot and play action; that's how they get their plays.

"They're good at zone blocking and good at creating running lanes for their backs. They're very athletic, they're big, they're fast, and they're psychical. They're a typical USC team."

In order to be successful on offense, Arizona is going to need to establish a run game.

"We're going to have to be a more balanced team to beat USC," said Stoops. "That means offense, defense, and special teams. You can't be one-sided against USC, you have to play a complete game if you want to beat them."

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