Arizona vs. UNLV: Notebook

Arizona lost to UNLV on Wednesday and here are some thoughts about the game

  • Nic Wise needs to realize just how much this team needs him. With that being said, he also needs to realize what it needs him for. Wise was settling for jumpers at the end of the game when he should have been taking it to the basket and it truly hurt the Wildcats.

    Wise is still the best player on the team but Arizona simply can not afford to watch him have an off game. If he does, he needs to get others involved instead of forcing long jumpers that put the UA in dangerous position on defense.

  • Derrick Williams absolutely needs more touches. There was no reason why any other player but Williams should have been taking shots towards the end of the game. The Running Rebels had absolutely no answer for him and it seemed that the Wildcats just did not care at times.

    Williams keeps getting better and his year is irrelevant, as the UA needs to treat him like a senior and let him have the ball when he has any type of position.

  • Arizona needs an answer at the two guard and fast. Kyle Fogg just is not a good basketball player right now and seems clueless on both sides of the ball. It is likely Miller's system that has Fogg so confused, but Arizona can only wait so long.

    In addition, it is obvious that Momo Jones has talent, but I am not sure he knows what to do with it. Jones wants to win so badly that he tries too hard at times and gets caught up instead of making the smart play.

    The third option at shooting guard, Brendon Lavender, just is not good enough to be a starter. He is a solid player and a great kid, but is better coming off of the bench.

  • Jamelle Horne needs to be much more consistent. Horne has a load of talent but, likes Jones, does not seem to know what to do with it. Whether or not he is a leader, Miller still needs him to be.

    Horne needs to step up and can't struggle against a team like UNLV if the Wildcats hope to win games. There were numerous instances in which Horne seemed to disappear and he definitely needs to be more aggressive going to the basket instead of settling for jumpers.

  • Arizona is going to have more tough games than easy ones, but there are plenty of positives. Miller definitely did not lie when he said that this team would be better at the end of the season, but that does not make it easy to be an Arizona basketball fan right now.

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