Game Talk: Cats beat WSU

Arizon struggled to beat both Washington schools, but despite lackluster play the Cats got the sweep. Lute Olson seemed pleased with the result even if he wasn't thrilled with the play of his team.

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Lute Olson

on the Washington State game
"They battled hard and we missed a lot of easy shots early that we have to put down. It really hurt us the first half when Channing (Frye) picked up his second foul and only played six minutes. The way he's playing right now we need him in there most of the time. We take him out a couple of minutes and rest him, but he's in such great condition that he can play as much as we need him to play. He's become such a factor on the boards and he's finishing shots much better now.

"He has to do a better job catching the ball sometimes. When someone comes driving through and he dishes it off. He has to catch those. He would have had two or three more lay-ins had he done that.

"We hung in and did what we had to do. In the second half we were 18-21 from the line. That was critical. Still too many turnovers, but at least the free throwing on the trip was good. Now we have to take care of the ball better than we have."

Rebounding off the bench
"Andre (Iguodala) was really on the glass hard. He should be a good rebounder, because he's quick, he's got those long arms and he really gets to the ball. The big thing is you have to be there. The key to being a good rebounder is going after everyone. I don't recall a time where he wasn't after the ball. As long as he's doing that he'll be a good rebounder for us.

"Hassan (Adams) only had one, but the one he had was a big one on the defensive end when we really needed one. Jason played well, Salim played well. We got a good contribution from Isaiah (Fox) I felt. Andre has got to make shots, but certainly the rest of his game is sound. Defensively he caused problems for them and he hit the boards hard. He's just got to make the shots."

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