Arizona embarassed

Arizona lost 63-46 to San Diego State Saturday night.

Arizona was exposed for exactly what it is on Saturday night and the game left Arizona fans wondering what the rest of the season has in store.

Arizona is not a good enough team to beat anybody when shoting 35 percent and it seems that the Wildcats just don't have enough talent to compete right away.

It was apparent numerous times Saturday that Chase Budinger and Jordan Hill helped make Nic Wise what he was.

That is not to say that Wise is not a good player, but rather that he needs strong players around him to be a successful player.

The unfortunate part of this is that he simply does not have that kind of talent around him.

Jamelle Horne continues to disappoint, as much more was expected of him this season. When he is getting outplayed by players in lesser conferences, it seems that there is plenty to worry about once he goes up against the other forwards in the Pac-10.

Horne needs to realize his strength is around the basket instead of settling for long jumpers that he seems to have little chance of making.

Horne might be able to move a little away from the basket if Derrick Williams was able to get support, but he has not been able to.

Alex Jacobson is not a Pac-10 level starting center and Kyryl Natyazhko is at least two years away.

Both deserve time to learn and get better but thbe depth situation forces them into a much bigger role than they are ready for.

Eventually Sean Miller is going to turn this team around, but in order to do so, he is going to need more talent then is on it right now.

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