Make or Break

Arizona is set to face BYU on Monday in a game that could set the tone for the conference season.

Arizona is set to face BYU on Monday night in a game that will likely set to tone for the rest of the season.

Make no mistake about it, Arizona is entering this game as the heavy underdog. BYU is a squad that ha sperfect balance and is simply more talented at this point. The Cougars will be able to use extreme depth in going against the Wildcats due in large part not only to the fact that the Ua simply does not go that deep, but also because the Cougars just have that much talent.

If Arizona can come out of Monday's game with a win, the tone will be set for the rest of the season in that the expectations will suddenyl become higher.

If Arizona loses, then the rest of the season will likely go as most think it will anyway, which is with the Wildcats struggling against the better teams in the conference.

big wins always make rebuilding situations easier and shorter and Monday's game would be one of those wins.

Arizona is going to need to play its best game of the season if it is going to come out with a win and it will likely take somebody stepping up beyond the normal players.

In other words, this game is going to be won or lost based on somebody like Kyryl Natyazhko rather than Nic wise because two players just will not be enough to come up with the win.

Monday's game is going to tell us a lot about this Arizona squad.

Whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen.

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