What's the deal with Dykes?

Arizona OC Sonny Dykes is rumored for the Texas Tech job. So what's the latest?

Arizona offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes immediately became a candidate for Texas Tech when it was announced that Mike Leach had been fired.

Speculation did not wait, as Dykes was asked about it after the Holiday Bowl and refused to comment.

However, sources say that at this point it seems unlikely that Dykes will be the next head coach at Tech.

Former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville was in Lubbock for eight hours on Tuesday and Tommy and Terry Bowden are also rumored to be on the list. In addition, Baylor head coach Art Briles will likely be interviewed and remains a strong candidate.

At this point it seems that Dykes will only be considered if the other candidates fall through and considering that he is at least fifth on the list, that seems unlikely.

What does seem likely is that Dykes stays in Arizona and becomes a more serious candidate at another school in a year or two.

With Dykes at the helm, the Arizona offense has improved and should Rob Gronkowski return, it will be one of the better offenses in the country and likely enough to get Dykes even more attention.

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