Game Talk: Arizona 106, UCLA 70

After a couple of lackluster performances on the road, the Cats came home and found the friendly crowd in McKale Center much to their liking. The Wildcats went on a 21-0 run over the final minutes of the first half and the first three minutes of the second half, stretching a five point margin to 26, and ran away from the Bruins. Lute Olson and the players all agreed that it was a much-needed blowout and the team's success was directly attributed to a great week of practice.

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Lute Olson
On the week of practice
"The guys have been a whole lot more focused I think. This part of the season it becomes a long practice season so the way we're approaching it with them is that we have certain things to cover and if you come out stay focused you'll stay on the (practice) floor and right off the floor. It you come out and you're not focused then we have a certain amount to get done and if it takes us two hours to get it done or if it takes us an hour and ten minutes that's fine. Three practices in a row (this week) I thought were our most consist practices."

How long were the practices?
"Yesterday was an hour and ten minutes and we've been under two hours most of the time. They need to come out and we can get things done in hour to 1 ½ hours. It shouldn't take us long as long they come out focused and we're not having to repeat a lot of things."

On last Friday's practice after the sloppy win over Washington
"Maybe it helped Friday when I told them that we're not going to mess them anymore. (I told them) they could go ahead and practice by themselves. If they're not going to appreciate (the coaching staff), I mean from day one every practice is planned by the staff. We have every minute accounted for from Oct. 12. If the coaches who have done all the scouting are going to work that hard in breaking down tape, and assistants break down every game and do all those things to try to help our guys, then they need to give us their attention. If they're not, then let them practice by themselves."

On the Wildcats efficiency in the win over the Bruins
"(UCLA) only had eight offensive rebounds and we only had nine turnovers. When we came out in the second half I think we came out with great intensity and enthusiasm and just made a lot of things happen as a result of our defense."

On Andre Iguodala
"I thought Andre had a great game off the bench. It's not surprising because we've seen a lot of good things happening from him in practice. His shot now looks really good. He's got good arch and he's getting the shot off quicker."

On Chris Rodgers, Jason Gardner and Salim Stoudamire
"I thought Chris Rodgers gave us some good time off the bench. In the second half it was a case of Salim (Stoudamire) and Jason (Gardner) just going off from three and Luke doing a good job of finding them behind that outside screen."

Jason Gardner
"In the first half I don't think we played that well. But in the second half we came out with a lot of energy and moved the ball better and played better on the defensive end."

On the teams' practices during the week leading up to the game
"The practices were very good and I think that carried over to the game."

What's wrong with UCLA?
"I don't know. We recruited some of their players and (Steve) Lavin is a good coach. I don't know, I'm not in the locker room or at their practices but the best thing is we got a win tonight and they didn't. We have to move on."

On winning by such a large margin
"I think it was a big confidence booster. A lot of guys got in the game tonight and we had a little fun. In a way it was a change for us."

On Coach Olson clearing the bench and playing everybody
"We got a lot of dunks and lot of guys got a shot at getting in the game, scoring the ball. So anytime it's going that good everybody is happy."

On USC coming in Saturday
"They're definitely a better team (than UCLA). They beat UNLV. I don't what happened (against ASU). I'm sure they'll come in here wanting to win and we have to come out like we did in the second half tonight."

Fil Torres
"It was fun. I'm glad Hassan (Adams) looked for me and once I scored I had to make sure my partner in crime (Jason) Ranne got his points too. Not only that, but we finally played like a complete game. We played hard in the second half and that's what we need to do more."

On the crowd chanting his name
"It's funny because the guys on the bench are saying, ‘they're cheering for you, they're cheering for you.' But I just try to ignore it and focus on the game but it's hard."

On not shooting a three-pointer at the buzzer as he did in an earlier game
"Yeah, I think I learned my lesson on that one."

Chris Rodgers
"We got after it in the second half and made a run and just opened the whole thing up for us. You're always going to play better when you play like that"

On the practices this week
"This whole week we've had some intense practices and some really hard practices, so that really helped us and it carried over to the game."

Luke Walton
"It still wasn't a complete game, but (we played hard) more minutes than we had in the past. But it shows how talented this team is and how good we could be."

On the blowout win
"We definitely had a lot of fun out there. It felt nice to come out and really get on somebody and never let them be back in the game. We wanted to win big. It's always nice to win but when you have the talent we have you expect to win big a lot of times."

On playing more minutes
"I guess I got a little bit tired. Our defense really picked up. We were denying passes all the way up to half court, so mainly (getting tired) had to do with our defense. "

Andre Iguodala
On the week of practice
"Guys were getting after it and we had great week of practice this week and it showed in the game today."

On scoring 21 points
"We were just knocking down shots, playing great defense and moving the ball around. We spread the court out and we were passing it all around. That helped a lot. Before I've been looking to pass more. I've tryed to get my teammates involved instead of looking for the shot myself. Tonight I was open and took the shot."

On looking for more his shot
"I'm just looking for open shots. I've been a little too unselfish."

On missing the dunk
"I'd rather have a good game like that and miss some dunks than make some dunks and not have a good game."

On the second half run that broke the game open
"Coach O got on us at halftime. We weren't playing good enough defense. We weren't attacking on defense, we were just letting them penetrate. Once we got down on defense, the offense just opened up and (that created) fast break (opportunities)."

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