Game Talk: Arizona 86, USC 59

Arizona closed out the first half leading 45-35, but it was lead that would soon evaporate to a two-point margin. The Trojans picked up their defensive pressure and closed to 50-48 before the Wildcats went on a 30-4 run to dispel any thoughts of an upset. UA coach Lute Olson, suffering from sinus problems, had enough of his voice to hold command of his team on the court. However, Olson turned over his post-game duties of speaking to the media to associate head coach Jim Rosborough.

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Jim Rosborough
On the defensive quickness of the Wildcats today
"I think we did defensively what we're capable of doing. We've got and always have recruited quickness. We've been on Jason (Gardner) hard for four years. Jason could be an extremely good defender because he's strong and he's quick. Salim periodically takes the best guy on the other team. We put him on Kapono the other night because his quickness will bother people. Chris Rodgers comes in and gets after people. Andre (Iguodala) is tough as nails defensively. I think we've really got some good perimeter quickness."

On the play of Channing Frye
"I think there has been some evidence of Channing getting pretty darn tough. Last year I think it was the second or third game into the Pac-10 (season) where he really took off. He seems to right now be playing his best ball. He's a great athlete."

On Arizona reputation of being soft
"We periodically get that rap of being soft but I do think we've got some pretty tough kids. I wouldn't want to play against a whole lot of them."

On the team being prone to putting on gigantic runs
"It's not anything we the coaches like. That IS something we do not practice on in practice. I don't know. The other thing is at some point I think you have to give the other team credit. USC has some good players and Farmer is either one or two in scoring and the Craven twins are tough and I like (Rory) O'Neil. But there's been a time where all of a sudden we'll get a steal or somebody will get a dunk and he has a nice play and it just sparks all the other kids."

Jason Gardner
"I think right now we're kind of putting it together. We had a lot of turnover today, but we went to the offensive glass and moved the ball well. I thought we shot pretty good and we moved the ball inside and outside. It worked out."

On the teams' 30-4 spurt in the second half
"I think we wore them down in the second half. They missed some shots and we got the fast break going. That's how it went."

On Channing Frye
"Channing did a great job as far his inside presence. He blocked shots, he did a great job on the boards, he was a big presence down there."

Comparing this week to last week
"t was a big week for us. A lot of people talked about the Washington trip and that didn't go so well for us. So this week worked out pretty well for us."

On reaching 300 made career three-pointers
"That's a lot of threes. I don't know if I hit half of them, but I shoot them."

On playing ASU next Saturday
"It'll be a dogfight. They're playing well right now. They'll have their crowd going and it'll be rowdy. But we have to go in there and keep our composure."

On getting some time off this next week
"We won't get a week off. We'll probably get a day or two off. But that'll be good. We can get our legs back. ASU is going to be a very physical game for us.

Hassan Adams
"We're playing Arizona basketball. Practices have been great. If you come out and practice hard and play defense you should come out on top."

Channing Frye
"I just let the game come to me today. I was kind of surprised because my Valentine Day (friend) didn't get my message yesterday, so I was kind of mad about that too."

On feeling more comfortable than he did earlier in the season
"I'm much more comfortable with my teammates. Everybody's getting me the ball in the right situation. Everybody is playing team basketball. We're playing Arizona basketball now. We're getting up and defending, it's just more fun that way. That makes everybody play that much better."

On the 30-4 run
"We go on runs and we had a really good run this game. I think we were really aggressive. I think that for about the first five minutes (of the second half) we kind of slacked off, then we got back to it. We played a good game. We're getting better and better. That's what we need to do."

On the play of the reserves
"I feel like with this type of team and this type of talent everybody who comes off the bench will give us a spark. Once we get that momentum it's it hard to stop us."

On the Trojans closing to with two points (50-48)
"I wasn't worried about any of that stuff. I felt for our team to win I felt I had to be a presence."

On having such a big game
"It's so much fun because then coach (Olson) won't yell at me and stuff. It feels really good but I feel like I have to move along and take this like a grain a salt. I played this game as good as I could and now I have to rest my body and get ready for the next game."

On his personal statistics
"I don't think anything about (my statistics). I think I heard I had three blocks today. I felt I was kind of in there changing shots and even though I got 14 rebounds I still I could have got a little bit more because I had my hands on some balls. I felt my teammates helped me get into the game. They kept feeding me the ball. "

On playing ASU
"I wouldn't expect nothing less (than a great game). (ASU Coach) Rob Evans is going to have his team motivated. We have to come and play. We lost up there last year and that's my home town so I can't lose there again this year."

Rick Anderson
On playing defense
"Luke (Walton) and I talked on the bench and we said these next three weeks we'll just put everything into our defense. That's going to get us through March"

On this week's practices
"The chemistry is good, but the one thing is defense. We had good practices this week. The last practice was really good. It got intense."

On the last two games being a confidence boost
"I think this weekend was huge. I think we're getting into a flow now. We were kind of stagnant up in Washington, but we're starting to get together."

On playing ASU
"We put two good games together. Now we have to play Arizona State. That's going to be a battle. We're going to have to defend and we're going to have to move on offense because they do a great job of defending."

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