Pac-10 Power Rankings

Here is a look at the current balance of power in the Pac-10 as we see it.

Here is a look at the current balance of power in the Pac-10 as we see it.

1. California: The Golden Bears are starting to play better basketball and now that Theo Reobertson is healthy, Cal is likely going to be one of the more consistent teams in the conference. At this point, you have to believe that Cal has the best chance of winning the conference.

2. Washington: The Huskies tore apart Arizona State and could be turning the corner after a slow start. If the Huskies can get better inside play, they are certainly going to give Cal a run for their money.

3. Arizona State: The Sun Devils have had some poor games this season, but they are still sticking around. ASU is only one game out of first place and a win here and there will put ASU right in contention if it can improve offensively.

4. USC: The Trojans have not been playing their best basketball, but their defense is going to keep them in every game. After a while you have to wonder what the team's motivation will be like but, until then, the Trojans are legitimate.

5. Arizona: The Wildcats took a major step back last week with two losses in Washington. If the UA would have won, it would have had the inside track for the conference title. As it stands now, Arizona is going to have major trouble even having a good chance.

6. Washington State: The Cougars are too inconsistent to be considered contenders, as shown by their efforts this week. However, Reggie Moore and Klay Thompson will always give this team a shot of winning if both are playing well.

7. UCLA: The Bruins are another inconsistent team due in large part to guard play. Malcolm Lee may not be very happy with his role, but that does not make him a superstar at this point. If the Bruins are going to contend, they need better guard play.

8. Oregon State: The Beavers definitely are not a good team, but they deserve their spot because of the their win over Oregon among other things. At this point, this is the best OSU is likely going to do as the rumors of Craig Robinson's departure increase.

9. Oregon: The Ducks seem to basically be playing out the season until they get a new coach. The team has a solid core of young players, but there is nothing beyond that in terms of high level talent.

10. Stanford: Stanford is a team of two very good players and little more. If the supporting cast can step up, there is a good chance the Cardinal are going to make some noise towards the end of the Pac-10 season.

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