Game Talk: UA 92, ASU 72

TEMPE - The Arizona Wildcats rallied behind 23 point outings from Luke Walton and Channing Frye to sweep the season series against Arizona State. Both Walton and Frye had 10 rebounds with their 23 points, and Frye only missed two of his 11 attempts from the field. Rick Anderson also had a double-double with 19 points and 12 rebounds. Here is what was said in the lockerrooms.

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Lute Olson
On the balanced production:
"I've never had a team with three guys (Frye, Anderson, and Walton) with double-doubles before."

On Channing Frye:
"(Frye) really played well, but when you look at it, there really wasn't anybody who didn't play well."

Channing Frye
On his aggresive play:
"I felt like for our team to win I had to play my best. Lately, things have been falling for me, and you know my teammates have been getting me the ball, and I've just been aggresive. I feel like the game is so much more fun. And I feel like we've been winning when I've been like this, so I take it upon myself to be like this every game."

On his teammates' passing:
"I have to give my hats off to Luke and Ricky who've been getting me the ball in the post, and they've been penetrating and dishing."

On the team's defense:
"We just went out there and had to execute our defense. I feel like if we are aggresive and cut off lanes and play our type of game, then we're going to be all right."

On the team's chemistry:
"We've been having great practices, I think that our practices really affect how we play. I think we've been so excited and hyped because now this is really crunch time and we understand what we have to do play and win. And you know it's just so much more fun and it's more exciting in our locker room and we have so much more enthusiasm for the game now because we know that everyone is going to get touches and everybody is going to get in there and do what they have to do."

Rick Anderson
On the team's defense against ASU:
"When we went man-to-man they could score on us a little bit because of penetration, you know? But we went out there and played a good zone, a good 1-3-1 zone, and we succeeded, big time."

On the team coming together:
"It was good chemistry. I was talking a couple weeks ago in interviews, about us getting to be kind of glued and getting everybody playing together and think that tonight we did that for the first time in a long while."

On the atmosphere at ASU:
"They were just riled up and on us, and we just ignored them and played our game."

Jason Gardner
On the team's effort:
"To come in here and get a win (was great), and you know that their crowd was extremely loud tonight, but I thought that all the guys played well tonight.

On the pre-game hype:
"I think we treat it like any other game. We know it's an in-state rival, but the biggest thing was keeping them off of the boards, and to cut down on turnovers, and to move the ball. I think that we've been doing that the past three games."

Luke Walton
On the team's ability to make runs:
"That's what makes us dangerous is that at any time we can put up a lot of points real quick. We just happened to have things work out like that today, and every time that we're in a time out we're saying ‘let's do it right now, let's do it now. So we're constantly pressing them...a lot of times I think that teams get worn out, and that's why we're capable of going on our runs."

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