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Spring football is underway and there are numerous story lines.

Spring football has started for Arizona and once again, there are numerous angles to keep an eye on.

The spring started with Nick Foles firmly entrenched as the starting quarterback and it looked as if Matt Scott could challenge him a bit.

New quarterback coach Frank Scelfo has changed Scott's approach and he truly has looked impressive at times.

Unfortunately for Scott, he has been a bit too inconsistent for the UA to truly consider him an option.

With the season that Foles had last year, Scott would have had to come in and be impressive each time out and he simply has not been able to do that.

One player that has been able to do that is Dan Buckner. It is truly unfortunate that Buckner will not be able to play next season, because he would be an immediate difference maker.

Buckner is too strong for a defensive back to cover, but he is also too athletic for everybody else. Basically, he is Rob Gronkowski, but probably an even more difficult match up.

Although Buckner will not be able to play, Travis Cobb will and he has been impressive.

Cobb has always had speed, but he has shown an impressive ability to catch the ball and should he continue, you have to assume Cobb is going to have a nice role next season.

On defense, the linebackers have been interesting to watch. As of now, there is not a set of linebackers that have separated themselves for the others.

Trevor Erno looks like he is ready to make an impact this season after entering camp out of shape last year.

Mike Stoops is happy with what he has seen this spring and it is no surprise, as there has been plenty of impressive developments.

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