Staying or Going?

Arizona is sure to have some transfers and here is what we see happening.

With the season over and the college basketball season for everybody coming to an end next week, it is time to think about movement among every team in the country.

Arizona is sure to have some player movement and here is how we see things shaking out.


D.J. Shumpert: If Shumpert truly cares about his basketball career, we have to assume that he is going to look towards another school.

No offense to Shumpert, because he is definitely a good kid, but we can't see him playing at Arizona. The reality of the situation is that the Pac-10 is a bit of a high ceiling for him and we would be better off at another school.

Leaning towards not returning

Jamelle Horne: You have to wonder about Horne's role on the team because he definitely did not seem to fit in well towards the end of the season.

Horne represents the old guard and there may not be a ton of room for that, especially when there is a good chance that the current coaching staff is likely going to play guys it recruited over a guy like Horne, who simply may not fit well in the system.

Brendon Lavender

Lavender showed flashes of being a solid basketball player, but that is not always going to get it done. Again, no offense to Lavender, but it is easy to assume that every guard Sean miller recruits from here on out will be better than Lavender.

If Lavender wants to play more than 20 minutes per game, it likely will have to be in another place because it will be difficult to do so at the UA.

Alex Jacobson: Jacobson may actually be a long shot to transfer because it makes sense for Arizona to want to keep him.

Jacobson is a good kid with good grades and works hard. He may not be the best player on the team, but he is good enough to contribute a few minutes per game and not have to worry about.

If Jacobson was a freshman, it would be easy to see him transferring. However, at this juncture, it may actually be a little difficult because it makes slightly more sense for him to stay.

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