Arizona sign of stability

For the first time in years, Arizona is one of the signs of stability in the Pac-10.

For the first time in years, Arizona is one of the signs of stability in the Pac-10. With Oregon still looking for a coach and UCLA seemingly rebuilding the program from inside out, Arizona is sitting pretty with a confident coaching staff and numerous players returning.

One year ago, Sean Miller was hired at Arizona after the Wildcats had a handful of coaches and a ton of instability.

What would have happened if Tim Floyd became the coach at Arizona?

What about if Russ Pennell and Kevin O'Neil were given another chance?

Frankly, it is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, as Arizona has its head coach and most associated with the program could not be happier about it.

Miller brought his assistants with him and there is a certain sense of loyalty that Arizona has no had and that schools such as Oregon, UCLA, Washington State, and a few others are dying to have.

In terms of transfers, there is a good chance that the Wildcats are close to being done now that Darnell Shumpert has left. There is still a chance that Jamelle Horne and Alex Jacobson wind up somewhere else, but that would not really add any instability to the UA.

Instead, Arizona knows what it is going to have next season, the season after, and continuing. Sure, there is going to be some turnover, but Miller and company are not going any where unless something dramatic comes up.

A little over one year ago, Arizona fans did not know what the next step was going to be.

One year later, it could not be happier with what that next step seems to be.

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