Gronkowski going in first?

Sources have updated us on Rob Gronkowski's status. Click inside to find out the latest rumblings.

The NFL draft is never a guarantee by any means, but numerous sources say that Rob Gronkowski may have worked himself into the first round.

At this point, there are numerous scenarios that would allow Gronk to be drafted today.

The first scenario is that the Denver Broncos trade down in order to get another pick and proceed to take Gronkowski in the first.

Denver traded Tony Scheffler last week, leaving the team with no legitimate tight end.

It makes sense for the Broncos to trade the pick in order to fill needs and still allow it to get a fantastic player.

Look for the New York Giants to possibly trade up with the Broncos and the Broncos to take Gronk with the 15th pick.

In fact, the only thing that may stop this from happening is the presence of Dez Bryant and Maurkice Pouncey.

From what we hear, these are the players to watch in case the Broncos choose to go in another direction.

The next two picks to watch is the 21 and 22 pick. Both the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots are going to be drafting tight ends, but the presence of Jermain Gresham makes things interesting.

If Cincy chooses to take Gresham, the Patriots are going to have to think hard if they want Gronkowski.

New England may feel that he will be there in the second round, but could also not want to take the risk.

If the Bengals do not take Gresham, he will likely go to New England and the Bengals would then hopes Gronk falls to them at 54.

The last scenario not involving a trade is Gronkowski going to the Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore is likely going with offense with the 25th pick in the draft and it is either going to be Gronkowski or a wide receiver.

Baltimore has a terrible set of receivers, thus it may choose to stay conventional and go with a receiver or could choose Gronkowski to learn under Heap for a year or two before becoming the starter.

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