Game Talk: Arizona 72, Stanford 69

With a sweep of the Bay Area schools, Arizona clinches the Pac-10 title and all but wraps up a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.<BR>Stanford did everything they could to take the Wildcats out of their rhythm. Rick Anderson missed the front end of a one-and-one free throw and gave the Cardinal a last-ditch chance to win. In the end, Arizona overcame a physical beating and survived to go undefeated on the road in the Pac-10 Conference.

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Jason Gardner
"I think it was a big win for us. I think over the last five or six games the team has been doing a great job defensively and offensively."

On the physical nature of the game
"I think our team is used to (playing physical). Our practices are very physical and the guys were into the game. We're on the road and we know the other team is going to come at us and play us physical, so we're ready for that and you have to get used to it."

On Stanford's opportunity to tie at the buzzer
"I was just watching the ball and hoping it wouldn't go in. I didn't want it to go overtime, but if it did we would have been okay."

On the team coming together
"I think guys are starting to understand their roles. Defensively we've started to become a better team and offensively we're moving the ball better. Guys are starting to understand their roles."

Channing Frye
Did the foul trouble make any significant difference in the game?

"No, definitely not. Our team has so many talented players that it doesn't matter."

On the contribution of the bench
"When somebody else goes into the game, they know they have to play 110 percent. Hassan (Adams) played great and Isaiah (Fox) played great. We needed a game where everyone contributed and we made a lot of turnovers (actually only seven) but that's what happens when you play a great team."

On the officiating
"Some of the calls didn't go our way but we fought through and fought to win. We're very proud of how we played today."

On the anxiety he felt as Stanford got shot after shot to tie on the last possession
"Everytime they shot I was like ‘awe man' and then 'these shots aren't going in' so I kept trying to rebound but the ball kept getting away from me. When the buzzer went off it felt like a thirty pound weight just got off my chest. It was a great game and one of those things we'll be talking about for a long time."

On clinching the Pac-10 title
"It feels good, but I feel as a team we're not done yet. We worked hard to get here and we wish we could have that one back (that we lost) at (McKale Center) but we got over it."

Hassan Adams
On the closeness of the game
"It was more that we wanted it more. The title is what we wanted and our toughness and our quickness won out."

On clinching the Pac-10 title
"It feels great. It's my first Pac-10 title and I feel great right now."

What was going through your mind on Stanford's last possession with a chance to tie the game?
"I was just hoping they'd keep missing them and they did and we got away with the win."

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