Miller talks about incoming players

Sean Miller recently met with the media and gave it some insight as to how he views the incoming freshman class.

Sean Miller recently met with the media and gave it some insight as to how he views the incoming freshman class.

Incoming point guard Jordin Mayes is expected to play a relatively large role due in large part to his history as a winner.

"Jordin Mayes is a back-to-back state champion from the state of California, Westchester High School, playing for a great high school coach where teamwork and defense has been taught and embodied throughout his career," Miller said.

In addition to his ability to win, Miller believes he has the necessary on-court skills to contribute.

"Jordin will be able to play both the point guard and the two," Miller said. "I look at him as very unheralded. To me, he has a huge upside. One thing you look for in guards, as they transition from high school to college is can they shoot the three? Because that's something that can really help them early in their careers, and he can really do that."

Daniel Bejarano is another player that is headed to Tucson and Miller is impressed with him for similar reasons as Mayes.

"Daniel Bejarano can really shoot the basketball, he's taller than Jordin and can play both wing positions, but really, to me, not many players in this class can shoot the ball as well as he can," Miller said.

"I would say that Jordin Mayes is very similar to him. We have two guys who can really shoot the ball, one taller than the other, both coming from championship backgrounds and great families. I'm really excited about both guys."

The third player, and most intriguing, is Jesse Perry. Perry may contribute the most out of the three, as he is very highly regarded.

"He was the player of the year in a very competitive conference," Miller said. "He's 6-foot-7, he can put the ball on the floor and is very versatile in his approach. He's tough and he's older. He can help us in the forward position right away. He's a very capable shooter.

"Even though he's 6-7, if you look at his shooting percentage, he did that very well this past year. He can play the three or the four. He rebounds the ball and gets to the line. Add in the toughness, he rebounds well and plays above his height."

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