Arizona tradition helps in recruiting

Lute Olson built a tradition at Arizona and it seems to still be of use in recruiting.

When Sean Miller took the helm at Arizona, he knew that there was plenty of tradition to build on.

A year later and it seems that the tradition still has plenty of pull with recruits.

"It doesn't take care of itself," Miller said of the tradition. "What McKale looks like in May is important, what our locker room looks like, do you have a practice facility, what does your campus feel like? These are all important things and I'm glad we've had the opportunity to address some of those things."

Although the tradition may not have died, Miller admits that he is surprised recruiting somewhat died off before he arrive

"I've only had 13 months of recruiting at Arizona, and it feels like two years," Miller said. "I would say that the one unique aspect of Arizona that I underestimated is that recruiting wasn't going on at the same level as it was before during the years of changes, so recruits weren't contacted by Arizona, so now it takes more for us to reach the younger kids."

Beyond the tradition, the relationships that Miller builds with recruits may be the most important aspect of a player's recruitment.

"They really want to know you as a head coach. They want to know your staff," Miller said. "I'm a new coach, they want to get a feel for how you do things, and get that comfort level.

"As much as the history of Arizona stands for itself, with all the NBA talent, the finish will always be how the recruit feels about you, your staff, the players and the family atmosphere of your program. Recruiting is almost a sport itself. We want to have a team with balance; some older guys who can be leaders and exciting young players."

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