Landing local players important

Landing Jacob Arzouman may not have seemed like a big deal, but local ties say otherwise.

The argument comes up every year.

Is landing local players important?

If a player in Tucson is not as good as a player in Texas, is it still important to land the local player?

History does not give us a concrete answer to this question, but recent developments have people believing there is plenty of importance in landing the local player.

Jacob Arzouman may not seem like a five-star recruit and frankly he is not, but chances are good that he is going to be a solid player.

It is the same situation with Brooks Reed, Adam Hall, and Josh Robbins.

Schools may be able to go into Phoenix and land some players, but that simply is not happening in Tucson.

There is going to be a day in which there is a five-star player in Tucson and when that day comes, Arizona is going to be in great shape because history allows it to.

By taking the best local players and having their experiences be beneficial, Arizona is letting future local players know that they will be taken care of in the same manner.

Players like Arzouman are important and although that importance may not be seen right away, it has an effect on the program as a whole.

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