Wildcats welcome Colorado to Pac

Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne sounded excited when talking about Colorado on Thursday.

Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne has made no secret of his excitement and plans for progression, thus it was no surprise to see him glowing with enthusiasm on Thursday.

"Obviously this is an exciting day for the Pac-10 conference and we certainly want to welcome University of Colorado into our league and look forward to a great partnership with them," he said.

"I've known Mike Bohn, their athletic director for a lot of years, he's a good AD and they have obviously a lot of history with their program and [I'm] looking forward to a lot of good competition between both schools in the future."

Byrne believes that adding Colorado is a sign of things to come in terms of making the Pac-10 as strong as it can be.

"Well, adding Colorado is a positive for us," he said. "Now, what else will happen we obviously have a lot of confidence in Larry Scott as our commissioner and know that he's been given authority by the CEOs of the universities to pursue every opportunity that's out there and he's being very progressive in his thought process and that's obviously being shown by what's taking place today."

Byrne expects the conference to stay strong and is excited for the future.

"I remember hearing an athletic director a number of years ago -- ten, fifteen years ago -- he said that he could see a super league of some sort where 60-plus teams are connected together and I think whatever takes place in the next few days or weeks or months or whatever it is I'm sure will have some traction to it for which it will stay in place for a long time," Byrne said.

"But obviously for us as the Pac-10, there's a lot of exciting times ahead and that's whether we stay as eleven or go to twelve or whatever number we end up at."

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