Latest on expansion (updated)

There are numerous differing reports on expansion. Click inside for what we know and what is next.

With there being numerous reports on expansion, here is the latest as we know it.

Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech have all been invited to the Pac-10.

On Monday morning, there was a report that Texas would be willing to stay in the Big 12 and work things out.

Our sources say that this move is a bit of posturing, as a move by A&M to the SEC now looks to be responsible for the Big 12 being no more.

By Texas making this known, it makes it look as if the Longhorns will not be a responsible party when the Big 12 dies.

This situation is very fluid, so obviously it could change in a hurry.

A&M is very likely headed to the SEC and Larry Scott knows this.

Do not be surprised if Utah is invited to the Pac-10 late Monday and accepts, as this would be the first indication A&M is a lost cause.

As of now, we predict everything will go as planned, as the revenue is simply too much for Texas to pass up.

The kicker in all of this is whether or not Texas can get its own network.


As we stated, the situation could change in a hurry and it did.

Baiscally, the word is that there will be a major ESPN deal and Texas will have its own network, thus convincing schools that they are maximizing profit.

Expect Utah to join the conference now.

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