The players echoed similar concerns."> The players echoed similar concerns.">

Game Talk: Arizona 72, Oregon State 60

The Wildcats clinched the Pac-10 title with two very difficult wins on the road. Against the Beavers at McKale Center the Wildcats once again played to down to the level of their competition. It'll go in the books as anther win, but the Wildcats definitely took a step backward in their preparation for post-season play.<BR> "If we play like this two weeks from now," Arizona assistant coach Rodney Tention said. "We won't be playing for very lone."<BR> The players echoed similar concerns.

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Lute Olson
"When you come off three tough road games and you start thinking all have to do is show up because you're at home and it certainly wasn't a case of us just having to show up."

On benching Salim Stoudamire in the second half
"I didn't feel like he responded very well to what coach Tention and I were trying to tell him and if that's the case it's a good time for him to get some pretty good nights rest."

On the play of Hassan Adams
"He made some big time plays for us, steals, blocks. He was a real man on the defensive glass. He went up and got some big time rebounds. Hassan had some big time defensive boards and some great defensive plays to help our post guy down there when (Phillip) Ricci was in position to score a couple of buckets."

On the play of Andre Iguodala
"Andre (Iguodala), other than fouling too much, really did a good job. We would have liked to have had him in the game more than what we had, but with the fouls and his long arms he was trying to make some plays without moving his feet. It seemed like his fouls came on attempted blocked shots that they ended up with two free throws.

On the play of Chris Rodgers
"In the first half, I thought Chris Rodgers did a really nice job for us. The only time he gets in trouble is when he tries to penetrate too deep and bad things happen. Other than that I thought he did a nice job."

On the play of Channing Frye
"Channing, we have to get him the ball more. He has to get open more as well as we have to get him the ball more. You can't have him 10 for 14. He should be taking 20 shots a night, but that's a two-way street. You have to have your butt into the guy's thighs so you get him sealed so we can get him the ball. It's getting a lot better in terms of his positioning, but we do need to get him the ball more. Generally speaking, when the ball goes into him good things are happening."

Jason Gardner
"I think going into tonight it was a let down as far as not moving the ball well and giving (OSU) open looks. I guess everybody knows that Coach O came into the locker room and talked about it saying, ‘ playing like this won't get us anywhere and we can't turn it off and turn it on' and everyone understood that. The biggest thing is we've got a game Saturday and we've got to put this behind us and get the game on Saturday."

On being mentally prepared to play
"I think a lot of guys came and thought this would be an easy game. But I know the way Coach J (Jay John) coaches and Oregon State is a good team and I think mentally and physically we didn't come out to play."

On the play of Channing Frye
"Channing had a great performance and that's a key to us doing well in the (NCAA) tournament. Having an inside presence gives us open looks on the wings and gets their big guys in foul trouble."

On the play of Hassan Adams
"I think he did a great job. He loves the transition (game) and I think we did a good job of getting him the ball. He did a good job defensively blocking shots and being the first man down the floor so he had a good game tonight too."

On playing down to the level of the competition
"We have to understand that no matter who's out there on the floor they're coming out to beat us. We have to go out like we want to beat them and not go out and play lackadaisical offensively and defensively. It don't really know what was tonight, but Oregon State did a great job."

Luke Walton
"We didn't play as well as we'd like to but we got another win. We got another win but it was a step backwards. It definitely wasn't a step forward."

On his shot being off tonight
"My shots just weren't falling tonight, but my confidence was good and I'm going to work on (my shot) and hopefully it will be better on Saturday."

Channing Frye
"I think my teammate got me the ball in open spots, but I'm not really happy about this game. We need to work on being more of a team."

On the let down
"We practiced good, but things just weren't going right and they played a good game. My hat's off to Oregon State."

On the slight injury to his knee
"I caught an elbow to my knee, but I'm alright. I'm a warrior."

On his big offensive game tonight
"I'm not sure I can step up like this every game. I know I'm not going get 20 points every night, but I have to go out and play my game and be aggressive on offense and defense. I'm just going out and play. I had to be an offensive threat in this game. I had a big talk with Josh and he wanted me to be more aggressive on the boards. In the first half I wasn't doing that. I think when I'm more aggressive on the boards it carries over to the offensive end."

On the play of Hassan Adams
"Hassan's always going to be aggressive. He did a great job tonight. Hopefully we see more of that in the future."

Hassan Adams
On the closeness of the game
"It was one of those nights where I just wanted to bring energy and help my team as much as I can."

Was the team realizing a let down in this game?
"We wanted to come out and play our game, but it was one of those games early where a lot of shots weren't going in and we kind of got down on ourselves. But we played hard and came out with a win."

What's your role?
"When I got in there I just bring energy. You need somebody to bring energy. I try to do that every game."

On his three big blocked shots
"Basically, I'm just helping as much as I can, playing the weak side. That's where the blocks come from anyway. It's a great opportunity to help my team as much as I can."

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