Arizona's facilities ready for upgrade

Arizona Athletic Director Greg Byrne is prepared to move Arizona in the right direction.

When Arizona Athletic Director Greg Byrne met with the media to discuss Colorado joining the Pac-10, he was directly asked about an upgrade to facilities.

"That was going to be a critical part of what we had ahead whether we were the Pac-10 or there were other teams involved," he said. "Obviously the north end zone complex is a key component and we're moving forward with that.

"We are also going to look at the entire stadium and what are the next steps. Because the reality is whatever you have, you have to say what are our next steps there."

It appears that Byrne does not onlyhave words to show how he wants to improve facilities and such, but also actions.

Byrne has visited both Oregon schools, Nebraska, and others in an attempt to see where Arizona is behind.

It may be because Byrne is relatively new, but you never heard about these actions with the past AD.

"You always have to say what are we doing to make ourselves better because that's what the competition is doing," Byrne said. "So that was going to take place whether Colorado was part of the mix or not."

In other words, Arizona is going to expand no matter what the conference does.

It can add two teams or ten, the goal of Byrne and the rest of the athletic department will be to advance.

It will be interesting to see where this all winds up, but it seems inevitable that it will be in a positive place.

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