Why is Arizona recruiting so well?

Arizona is on a recruiting roll that could continue this week and there are many reasons why.

Recruiting is often a game of momentum.

One recruit can lead to two or three due in large part to being able to sell the overall picture.

For Arizona, that momentum has basically led to its entire class so far.

Many people will point to the Holiday Bowl for this success.

If Arizona wins five games last season, it is questionable as to whether or not these players come.

It is easy to join a relatively successful team, but it becomes much harder when a player has to wonder whether or not it will ever see a bowl game or a season above .500.

For some players this is not a big deal, but it is the sole reason why you rarely see an elite player go to a school that sorely needs help.

While the Holiday bowl is obviously a factor, the real deciding factor has been the coaching staff.

Most of the players that have committed are players that the coaching staff has been working on for a while.

David Nichol has established an unmatched relationship with Ka'Deem Carey and it paid off immensely.

Tim Kish made sure that Hank Hobson knew what coach wanted him the most and it turned into a verbal.

Every single player that has decided to come to Arizona did so in large part because the coaching staff did the work to get it done.

It is not easy for a coaching staff to build a relationship with a player, especially when there are 10 or 15 other staffs trying to do the same.

However, Arizona's staff was able to form a good relationship by being honest. It does not guarantee a player will start and that seems to be a pattern when players come to the UA.

The question of whether or not those relationships will lead to elite players can be answered soon, but chances looks good for the UA.

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