State Rankings 5-9

Here is a look at our top 5-9 players in the state of Arizona.

9. Kelvin Fisher: Fisher is a difficult player to project because he does not necessarily have one position that he is great at.

Fisher is likely going to be a defensive back because of his footspeed and his solid pedigree likely helps set him up for future success.

8.Mo Latu: Latu would likely have more offers if everybody did not know he was going to Arizona State.

One thing that is clear is that Latu is absolutely not a defensive tackle. The reason he is somewhat low in our rankings because he is an average tackle and can really only play one position on the offensive line.

Don't get us wrong, Latu is a good player. However, we are not sure his ceiling is all that high.

7. Tyler Johnstone: Johnstone has a fantastic frame with an ability to put on more weight and remain effective.

There is a reason he is performing so well at camps and it has to do with the fact that his agility is fantastic.

Johnstone is definitely going to redshirt because he needs to put on some weight, but his nasty streak and agility may actually make him a bit underrated at this spot.

6.Brett Hundley: Hundley's arm strength leaves a little something to be desired, which is why he is not higher on this list.

He has great potential and, in the right offense, will be a major weapon on the next level.

However, that is the key in his progression. Players like Hundley need to be careful to pick the right school, or they will not be heard from again.

With that being said, he has room to grow and all the tools, so he could be one of the better quarterbacks in college if everything pans out.

5.Todd Peat: Peat is another player that is probably an offensive lineman at the next level.

He is very similar to Latu in that he is better served on the offensive line and will likely only be able to play one position there, which is guard.

Still, he is a player with limitless with potential and a good coach should prepare him for a career in the NFL.

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