State Rankings 1-4

Here is a look at our top 1-4 players in the state of Arizona.

4. KaDeem Carey: The numbers that Carey put up last season are unreal and while the level of competition helped, he still has plenty of talent.

Due to his ability to make the opponent miss, Carey is a player that can likely contribute right away.

He is far and away the best player in the state at his position and likely has a bright future ahead of him.

3. Cyrus Hobbi: Hobbi could have been one spot higher, but we like him here.

Hobbi has a blue-collar attitude and the team that gets him is getting a player that works hard and has the physical attributes to succeed.

Hobbi has the attitude of a football player and it is something that we absolutely love in him.

2. Andre Yruretagoyena: The main reason why Yruretagoyena has this spot is his ability to finish his blocks.

He may not be the strongest lineman in the world, but he often winds up putting his defender into the ground.

With good length as well, Yruretagoyena may actually be a little underrated, as we feel the gap between he and Christian Westerman is not huge.

1. Christian Westerman: Westerman may not have great flexibility in the sense that he is somewhat limited on the line.

However, he is very good at what he does and extremely sound technically.

Westerman is very aggressive and finishes his blocking well. He is simply better technically than any other lineman in the state.

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