Is this the year?

The Pac-10 has set up for a successful year for Arizona, but will it happen?

With many questions in the Pac-10 and numerous happenings, Arizona fans are left to wonder what the future has in store for Wildcat football.

USC is struggling with sanctions, Oregon with player discipline, Stanford with players leaving, etc.

In other words, every single team seems to have questions while Arizona only has a few.

However, it is not like those few questions are not big ones.

For starters, Nick Foles is a big question mark. Yes, he had success last season. However, he also had games in which he struggled in a major way.

Arizona is going to have to find a more consistent Foles if it is going to have a good season.

Foles has the ability to be a very good quarterback, but it should be interesting to see how Frank Scelfo is able to work with him in order to make him one of the more elite quarterbacks in the conference.

IN the next few days, we will highlight concerns for the upcoming season, whether it is player, coach, or schedule related.

With that being said, Foles may be the biggest concern of them all because often times a team only goes as far as its quarterback takes it.

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