Dean suspension right choice

Mike Stoops could have kept Delashaun Dean, but made the choice in not doing so.

When Mike Stoops kept Delashaun Dean on the team, there were not many complaints.

However, in reality, there likely should not have been many complaints has he kept him on the team.

In Oregon, you have a school keeping players on the team that have gotten in trouble with the law.

In UCLA, you have players that will be given a second chance after getting in trouble along the lines of a felony.

In USC, you have a school that is on probation and will suffer from a loss of scholarships.

So what would have been the big deal if Stoops kept Dean on the team and called it an honest mistake?

For many, it would not have been a big deal. However, by removing Dean from the team, Stoops helped set Arizona apart from numerous other schools in the conference.

Stoops can now go into a player's home and preach discipline and those players and parents will believe it.

By doing so, Arizona actually has a relatively unique recruiting pitch in that other teams are doing what it takes to win and Arizona is as well, but with some guidelines.

It may not lead to national championships and the loss of Dean does not hurt too much.

What it does guarantee is that Arizona will get more respect, as it should.

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