Respect earned

As national publications make the rounds, Arizona is still being picked for the middle of the conference.

Respect is taken, not given.

Respect is earned, not granted.

Whatever saying you like to use as it relates to respect, the fact of the matter is that Arizona still has work to do to get it.

Sure, Arizona made the Holiday Bowl last season.

However, that was a fluke.

Arizona lost 33-0 and was clearly outmatched.

The Wildcats have a long way to go to be where USC, Oregon, and Cal consistently are.

That's the argument at least.

It is also something that Arizona is going to have to contend with next season.

The Wildcats will get a certain level of respect, but not many people are going to look at the UA as a serious contender for the conference title.

It has a lot to do with the loss to Nebraska and this article is probably never written if Arizona wins or at least has a better game against the Cornhuskers.

The fact of the matter is that it is indeed being written for a reason and Arizona needs to be aware that it has work to do this season.

It has work to do in order to get national respect.

It has work to do in order to consistently be regarded as a contender.

Don't think for a second Mike Stoops does not know that.

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