Arizona will be fine without Dean

When Delashaun Dean was removed from the team, there seemed to be differing opinions.

When Delashaun Dean was removed from the team, there seemed to be differing opinions.

On one side, Arizona fans felt as if it would be a big loss. Dean is a talented player and any time a player like that leaves the team, it is going to have a negative impact on the offense.

On the other hand, there was a contingent that felt as if Dean dropped off last season and one look at his contributions back that idea up.

Dean did not have a dominant game and on a team in which the offense was generally fine, Arizona is going to be able to replace Dean just fine.

While there are decent arguments with both sides, it is hard to disagree with the notion that Arizona is going to be just fine without Delashaun Dean.

Travis Cobb will likely step right into Dean's spot and do just fine, especially if he has improved his ability to catch the ball.

Not many players on the team that Cobb's speed and if he is able to consistently catch passes, an argument could be made that Cobb actually makes the offense better as a whole.

There could also be some reshuffling of receiver positions and guys like Terrence Miller or David Roberts will see the field even more to compensate for the loss of Dean.

The third option and biggest wildcard is the contribution of the incoming players, such as Dexter Ransom, Tyler Slavin, Austin Hill, and Garic Wharton.

Each of those players were recruited for a reason and while there may need to be some weight gain, it would not be a surprise for the coaching staff to feel that one or two of those players is ready to contribute at the next level.

Arizona has plenty of options for next season and, while none of them include Dean, the Wildcats will likely be just fine in the grand scheme of things.

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