Pac-10 getting it done

Pac-10 commish Larry Scott has been quiet for a few weeks now, but that will change by the end of the month.

If you go in the south, the talk is about the SEC.

If it is not about the SEC, then it is likely about the ACC.

Go a little further, and you get some Big East chatter.

Pac-10 commish Larry Scott wants to change that.

The Pac-10 will be going national at the end of the month in hopes of helping everyone realize the power of the conference in more than just sports.

Starting July 27, the Pac-10 will go on a short trip, making sure to gain as much notoriety for the conference as possible.

It will start in New York of all places, as media and sports executive will meet with Pac-10 officials.

Sources say that this meeting will revolve around possible television scenarios for the new conference.

Ideally, the Pac-10 will emerge from the meetings with a better idea of how to obtain and succeed with its own network.

The following day, the Pac-10 executive will travel to ESPN.

This will allow the Pac-10 to go national in terms of analysis and such and you can be assured that the conference will be a major topic at ESPN that week.

While the feelings on ESPN are mixed, there is np denying the power the station has and what it can do for the Pac-10 in terms of national visibility.

The tour will then end the following day with Pac-10 media day at the Rose Bowl.

This could be one of the more special media days in recent memory, as there is sure to be some groundbreaking stuff.

It may be slower than people want, but the conference of champions is changing dramatically.

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