Two months

Arizona's season starts in two months and is surrounded by questions.

Two more months.

Two more months until Arizona takes the field.

Two more months until the new Arizona offense either looks new or looks just like the old Arizona offense but with a different figurehead.

Two more months until the question of whether or not the Holiday Bowl effected Arizona is finally answered.

Two more months until a healthy Nic Grigsby takes the field in an attempt to establish the fact that he is likely the best running back in the conference.

Two more months until Arizona plays a Toledo team that will likely give the Wildcats a more difficult game than people believe.

This theme can go on forever because there are so many questions surrounding the football team right now and fall practice has not even started.

How will the defensive line be?

Is there enough depth in the secondary?

Will Nick Foles be improved?

You truly could go on for quite a while and the fun part of it all is that the first answer is going to be formulated two months from now.

There is not a person out there that has the answers to the ton of questions that surrounds Arizona football.

Mike Stoops may have a general idea or at least think he does, but the reality of the situation is that it will all play out on the field.

This is why college football is so fun.

It's unpredictable and at any moment the entire landscape can change dramatically.

It all starts in two months.

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