What about the others?

Nick Johnson and Jahii Carson remain priorities, but what about the other players?

Just a few days ago Book Richardson got on a plane.

He's not headed to Los Angeles or Ohio.

Instead, he is headed to Germany.

Richardson is going on a plane for hours in order to see Quinn Cook play.

With all the talk about other recruits, Cook remains a major priority for Arizona and, should he want to commit, Arizona would likely take him.

Often times in recruiting, the focus remains on a few players.

However, the coaching staffs have their own priorities and Cook is certainly one of Arizona's.

Should Cook play well in Germany, it will be interesting to see how Arizona approaches the situation.

Nick Johnson is seemingly always going to be a priority, but the UA is going to have some choices to make with Carson and Cook.

It is a good problem to have and there should be plenty of progression by the time the summer ends.

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