Natyazhko doing well

Kyryl Natyazhko has played well to lead his team to the quarterfinals of the European U20 Championships in Croatia.

While the majority of Arizona's basketball players are currently in Tucson working on their game, one player has taken a bit of a different approach.

Kyryl Natyazhko is helping to lead the Ukraine team in the European U20 Championships in Croatia..

If Natyazhko's game in the tournament translates to the United State, Arizona fans are in for a treat and the rest of the conference could be in store for a surprising nightmare.

Natyazhko is averaging nearly 17 points and 8 rebounds per game in 30 minutes of action.

In addition, he is shooting 45 percent while getting almost two blocks per contest.

Natyazhko is in the top ten in four different categories and we will have n update on how he does in the bracket round.

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