Farmar sets the record straight

There is always a bit of confusion when it comes to recruiting. Since coaches cannot comment on specific recruits, the media has to rely on information provided by those close to the players. In the case of Jordan Farmar, the talented point guard from Los Angeles (Taft), reports of official visits and scholarship offers may have been slightly off the mark.

Farmar's mother and his high school coach told media outlets that Jordan Farmar, the 6-2 point guard, had received a scholarship offer from the Wildcats. Although the Cats are very interested, no offer is on the table.

"They (Arizona) haven't told me anything personally (about an offer)," Farmar said. "I talked with my coach after the game, and he said that there could be an offer."

The Wildcats have Mustafa Shakur, a 6-3 point guard from Wynwwood (Friends Central), Pa., coming in next season and a top point guard from the Class of 2004 may not be the highest priority for Arizona. According to Farmar the Wildcat coaches are waiting to make an offer so they can make sure the situation is right. Farmar is very interested, but wouldn't necessarily jump at the offer if it comes. A recruit of Farmar's stature could be looking for a better chance at starting early and that could be difficult with Shakur penciled in as a starter from day one. Farmar hasn't ruled out coming in as a back-up and knows that going against the likes of Shakur everyday would only make him better.

Farmar did not take an official visit. He drove out to Tucson with his father, who lived in Scottsdale for a few years. Farmar couldn't get the full experience of an official visit, but did get to see quite a bit and has a good feel for the campus. He also got to attend the Arizona/Oregon game, sitting next to a number of other visitors including Jawann McClellan, Nic Wise and Ndudi Ebi.

"(The visit) went great," Farmar said. " I took a tour (of the campus and athletic facilities), watched the game, played a pickup game with Ndudi and Jawann and some other guys that were in town."

Farmar has not narrowed his list of schools and is enjoying his visits. He has already seen Stanford, Gonzaga, and Arizona, and has plans to see Florida and Kansas. As of now the LA schools are not in the picture.

"Every school is so different," Farmar said. "I don't really have anything in particular that I'm looking for. At some schools I could come in and start, but playing time isn't that important to me, even though I'd definitely like to play. I do want to get out of LA, though, and that's why I'm not really looking into UCLA or USC."

Farmar could really break out at the summer camps and will likely field more offers as he gets more exposure. For that reason Farmar is in no rush to jump at the first offers he gets.

"By the time that I'm done making all of my visits I'm sure that I'll be ready to make a decision," Farmar said.

Farmar's visit was very eventful. He and his father have a lot of respect for Lute Olson and his ability to develop players. His mother is very serious about academics and that could lead him to Stanford.

The visit to Tucson gave him the chance to catch up with his hometown friend, Hassan Adams, with whom he spent a great deal of time over the weekend. Farmar said that it was great to see Adams, and that Adams gave him insight into the program.

"He sure loves Arizona," Farmar said

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