Schedule Analysis

Here is our breakdown of this year's schedule as the season continues to get closer.

Here is our breakdown of this year's schedule as the season continues to get closer:

Easiest Game: There are not many games on the schedule that Arizona should be guaranteed to win.

However, The Citadel is certainly one of them. Arizona scheduled this game for that same reason and the Wildcats should have to simply play a decent game to come out on top.

Hardest Game: This one was a little difficult, but we're going to go with at Oregon in the second to last game of the season.

Playing in Eugene is never easy and it is only six days before the Arizona State game, so distractions could be prevalent.

At that point in the season, there will be a lot at stake and, if the season goes well, UA will be fighting for a conference championship.

If not, it will be fighting to keep focused during a disappointing season. Either way, the game should be a difficult and telling one.

Most telling game: The game at home against a tough Iowa squad is going to tell us a lot about Arizona.

The Wildcats played poorly against the Hawkeyes last season and a loss will simply lead people to believe that the UA won't have what it takes to compete in the Pac-10.

A win, and the team is confident going into conference play and it could be the start of something legitimately special.

Trap Game: The UCLA game is going to be a week after what should be a difficult game against Washington and a week before the stretch with Stan ford, USC, and Oregon starts.

If Arizona takes the Bruins lightly, it could suffer because of it.

While UCLA obviously is not the best team in the conference, it certainly has a nice core of players and could be dangerous.

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