Pac-10 QB Rankings

With the season getting closer, we will be ranking each unit in the Pac-10.

1. Andrew Luck- For all the pub that Washington's Jake Locker gets, Luck may be the better signal caller.

He is deceptively mobile and we love his arm strength.

While Locker may have more potential, we feel that Luck is the better true quarterback.

2. Jake Locker: Locker has all the tools, but he is still learning how to use them.

His mobility makes him very dangerous and if that is taken away from him at the next level, we question how successful of a quarterback he will be.

Still, that does not hurt him in the college game and he is definitely one of the more dangerous players in the country.

3. Nick Foles: In all honesty, this is dependent on which Foles shows up.

Last season, Foles had games in which you could make an argument that he looked liked the best QB in the country.

In others, you could make an argument he did not belong on the field.

If Foles can play up to his potential, Arizona should have one of the best quarterbacks in the conference.

4. Matt Barkley: Barkley is another player that has all the tools and is waiting to put them all together.

He is going to have a ton of pressure on him this season and it will be interesting to see how he handles it.

Add a little maturity and experience, and it is possible that he enters next season as a player many feel is the best QB in the conference.

5. Ryan Katz: We have liked Katz for a while now and he is finally getting his chance this season.

Katz briefly appeared last season, but he has a fantastic arm and will help the Beavers be a big threat down the field.

6. Kevin Riley: We don't think much of Riley, but it is difficult to put him below the other candidates.

Riley is going to have to prove that he has the mental capacity to be an all-conference type player and we have questions as to whether or not he can do that.

Still, he has all the physical tools to succeed and it is very possible he does so.

7. Kevin Prince: Prince struggled numerous times last season but, yet again, has the physical tools to succeed.

He has valuable experience from last season and may honestly never have a tougher season than that.

If the Bruins can make things easier for him, Prince could have a surprisingly successful season.

8. Brock Osweiler: Osweiler showed glimpses that made ASU fans happy last season, but is more of a question mark than anything.

He has a strong arm and is surprisingly mobile, so it will be interesting to see how ASU decides to use him.

9. Nate Costa:Chip Kelly is going to put Costa in a position to succeed, which is obviously important.

He isn't a great quarterback, but does not really need to be in that system.

If he can make minimal mistakes, Kelly likely won't have any complaints.

10. Jeff Tuel: Tuel actually had a nice run for the Cougars last season and showed some potential.

If Tuel can play like he did against Cal, WSU fans may actually have a slight glimmer of hope.

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