Sights and sounds

Here are some sights and sounds from Wednesday's action.

  • The game between the Compton Magic and Houston Defenders was fun to watch for numerous reasons.

    The coaches were easy going and when the majority of the calls went the Magic's way, the coach for Houston kept complaining. After a while, the ref responded, "Can't you just give me one compliment?"

    Well, it came on the next play after the ref made an obvious call in the favor of the Defenders that had those watching laughing.

  • We overheard coaches discussing Tony Wroten and company. Gary Bell has not had a great tournament, but a mini discussion broke out comparing Anrio Adams to Wroten.

    The discussion was whether or not Wroten's flashy play would hurt him, while the consensus seemed to be that Adams will be able to help a team right away.

  • Numerous coaches yelled at the players to keep pushing. At this point, it is nothing but tired legs and the quality of play is hurting because of that.

    The players that defend are benefiting the most, as the offensive players simply do not have the energy to deal with it.
  • The sudden death overtime game between the D.C. Assault and N.J. Playaz was another fun one to watch.

    A fellow scout made the remark that it looks as if Quinn Cook never gets tired and we have to agree.

    Cook defended at a high level the entire tournament, which added to how impressive he was throughout the summer.

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