Foles ready for season

Nick Foles had an opportunity to speak at Pac-10 media day on Thursday.

With Arizona's appearance in last year's Holiday Bowl, the Wildcats are getting more attention from the media.

Arizona quarterback Nick Foles had an opportunity to go to New York with other conference signal callers and enjoyed the experience.

"They took four of us to Bristol, Conn. and to New York and it was a unique experience for us." Foles said.

"It was neat being around them. Every team has a great quarterback in the Pac-10. It was fun going out to the East Coast and spreading the Pac-10. It was just neat being around them. They are all great guys, very humble. You can tell they are great leaders on their teams. We talked about football a bit, but it was just fun hanging out with them. They carry themselves very well."

One aspect of the conference quarterbacks that is being talked about a lot is experience. Numerous teams have first and second year QBs and Foles feels he will be a better player with a year under his belt.

"It is a lot different," Foles said. "I got to start nine games and I have that experience under my belt. We have a offensive strategy set up. I have confidence going into the offseason.

"As a quarterback I am a leader on and off the field. You have to do the right things."

One thing Foles has going for him is his strong receivers, despite losing Delshaun Dean.

"Losing Dean was tough, but we will have guys step up," Foles said. "Juron is just a playmaker and he is even better this year. You have David Douglas, Travis Cobb and Gino Crump."

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